This project was created to address some of the user experience challenges of using trademap.org. For example, users have to click multiple times to create a simple geographic visualization of Bangladesh's trading partners. In this redesigned version of the map, user do not have click as much and can navigate between the maps using the three buttons on the top right. The main goal of this project was to present the users with the option to navigate between Bangladesh's trade data in a clean and a simple interface.

Globally, Bangladesh’s economy is currently ranked 32nd largest in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP). The current population stands close to 160 million and the nation has a gross domestic product (GDP) of $172 billion USD. In the year 2014, Bangladesh traded with 146 countries across the globe. Exports in 2014 totaled at around $34 billion USD and total imports were around $39 billion USD, which resulted in a trade deficit of around $6 Billion USD. Bangladesh is projected to reach a growth rate of 7.1% for the year 2016. Over the last 10 years, Bangladesh has constantly performed at an average growth rate of 6%. Majority of Bangladesh’s growth has taken place due to the presence of the rapidly growing ready made garments & textiles sectors, which exports all across the major OECD nations.

Trade Balance

Data Source

The data for this project was gathered from trademap.org, a site run the International Trade Centre. All the data is for the year 2014, as the data for 2015 is not available for all the trading partners of Bangladesh. Additional data and information was gathered from MIT’s Observatory of Economic Complexity.

Map created by Hasin I. Ahmed